Networking – 7 March, 2014

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014

A warm welcome was extended to all who braved the rainy weather, potholes, broken traffic lights and the Eskom load shedding. Nothing, it seems, will stop our 3 Course Imbizo Network delegates from meeting and sharing.

After 2 rounds of facilitated networking and much energy, Allan Harvey addressed the attendees on Performance Inhibitors:

When we look around us it is often difficult to stay positive with every reason to be negative and even depressed….if we choose to. Pot holes, malfunctioning traffic lights, E Tolls, crime, load shedding, the Proteas, and so the list can go on. If that is not bad enough, we are also adversely affected by the following performance inhibitors. Which ones apply to you?

  • Wrong job
  • Not knowing your why/reason/purpose
  • Lack of self-confidence/Self Image
  • Lack of balance – personal crisis (health, finances, family, friends, spiritual, etc.)
  • Lack of training (albeit life skills or communication)
  • Lack of resources (financial – people – equipment)
  • Low expectations of self and others
  • Ambiguous objectives and standards
  • Egos – arrogance – know-it-all
  • Lack of accountability ( self and others)
  • Team dysfunction

Long term optimal performance is an outcome of changing the way we think about all these ‘things’ that have the potential to derail the most disciplined of any of us. The problem with most behaviour change is that people focus on their behaviour or even their attitudes. They think that training or motivational speakers will make the difference. Well the truth be told, they seldom do, not long term anyway. If you want long term behaviour change best you dig deep and review your values, beliefs, perceptions, philosophies and even self-image. Better still challenge them. There are three fundamentals to change; desire, belief and action in that order. You ‘gotta wanna’ change to make change happen. If the desire is in place, you can start believing that it is possible and with that belief you have the foundation on which to act.

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