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The 50 networkers in the audience agreed with Peter when he cited the age-old cliche that it is not ‘what you know but who you know’ that matters. The awesome turnout at the event bore strong testimony to the fact that South African business professionals want to know and connect with more people.

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After two rounds of facilitated networking groups the delegates were treated to a discussion by Alan Harvey on how habits control our lives, and how to break them.

When we start out in life we are unconsciously incompetent. Later we become consciously incompetent when we realise that we lack knowledge. Allan used the example of learning to drive a motorcar. Once we have passed our driving test and start out as a brand new driver we are consciously competent. We know what to do and we do it with all our focus and attention. Later, when we have driven our car for many years we become unconsciously competent. It is in this state that we become creatures of habit, so we need to again become conscious if we want to change.

How to change habits

We are very pleased to be able to offer Allan’s presentation right here:

Thanks to Kobus from One Web Page we have a bunch of wonderful photos from the 4 April, 2014 Imbizo Networking event. You can view the photos in the gallery.

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Imbizo Networking is the forum for small and micro business owners to meet and interact; gain knowledge; attain prospective clients and tell others about their business. Imbizos are held twice a month on a Friday morning, usually the first and third one.

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