The formal stuff, which covers our proverbial rear-end. In times of conflict or query use these documents to help sort out and clarify the way things ought to get done.


Speaking at an Imbizo


Speaker guidelines

Speaking at Imbizo is not a sales pitch but rather a way to share knowledge and information from someone who is specialised in a particular field. You could look at it as a “Thought leader” slot. Download the Imbizo speaker guidelines document for all the details on what’s involved in speaking at an Imbizo.

Facebook group


Facebook group guidelines

The Imbizo Networking Facebook group aims to extend relationship building and networking beyond the bi-monthly meetings and provide additional resources for active Imbizo members. We want the Imbizo Facebook group to be open, fair and beneficial for everyone. By joining the Facebook group, you agree to fully abide by these guidelines.

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