Networking – 6 June, 2014

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

It was a cold winter’s morning, but that did not deter more than 50 networkers from getting away from their heaters and into the spirit of business networking.

The meeting got off to an awesome start with 2 rounds of networking where the many newcomers and “oldtimers” alike looked for mutual ground and opportunity.

Life’s purpose

Last month we addressed Comfort Zones and the reasons why people have difficulty in escaping them. This month I started by shared the need to stretch as a means to escaping the areas of our lives where we are likely to stagnate. An elastic band only uses its potential when it is stretched. We humans are not dissimilar. Well how does this tie in to this month’s topic of finding our purpose.

To find your purpose you will need to do some serious self-reflection. This is often an uncomfortable exercise, but a vital one if you are to identify the values that drive your life and ultimately find why you are here. Knowing your WHY is the greatest self-motivator. The examples of Natalie DuToit (the amputee of swimming fame) and Sibusiso Vilane (the Swaziland goat herder and first black South African of mountaineering fame to summit Mt Everest from both the north and south side) are typical of people who know their why and are making a significant difference in their worlds.

I’d say in line with our “You Gotta Wanna’ they have the desire, the belief and the have taken the action to change things in their lives, despite their backgrounds. You see change has nothing to do with ability or background, it has everything to do with your why.

We are very pleased to be able to offer Allan’s presentation right here:

pdf-iconThe slides from Allan’s presentation are available to Download.

We’ve also got the photographs from the Imbizo Networking session on 6 June, 2014. You can view the photos in the gallery.

Imbizo Networking

About Imbizo Networking

Imbizo Networking is the forum for small and micro business owners to meet and interact; gain knowledge; attain prospective clients and tell others about their business. Imbizos are held twice a month on a Friday morning, usually the first and third one.

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